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November 2016


We ask all our new patients to complete a short online questionnaire before they come to see us. We use it to track their progress so we ask them to complete the same questionnaire at 14, 30 and 90 days.  We may only need to see them once or twice during this period but it's a great way of keeping track of how everyone is doing.  We can also gauge how well we are doing and are proud to share the results.


  • More than 60% felt 'definitely better' after two weeks (We only ask patients to complete the second questionnaire at two weeks however, many reported significant improvements immediately after their first appointment).


  • Over 70% of patients only needed to visit us twice before reporting they felt 'definitely better'.
  • On average, patients needed only 2 appointments within the first 14 days and 3 to 4 within the first 90 days to maintain their improvements.

  • A patient satisfaction survey revealed that all responding patients rated the care we provide as either very good or excellent.






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